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Law Court Complex



The Law Court Complex is an Ultra-Modern Court Complex housing all the High Courts in Accra.

The Complex has 43 Court rooms operating under Four Registries namely; Land Court, Human Rights Court, Commercial Court and General Jurisdiction Registries.


There are eight (8) distinct divisions under the four registries as follows; Land Court, Criminal Court, Probate & Administration Court, Divorce & Matrimonial Court, Labour Court, Commercial Court, Financial & Economic Crime Court and General Jurisdiction.


The Court Manager is responsible for the overall administration of the Complex including the supervision and management of all operations. 


The court complex has the following facilities;



  • Business Centre

The center offers secretarial services such as typesetting, photocopying, printing, scanning, binding, lamination, mobile money transfer etc. to the public.


  • Media Room

There is a thirty (30) seater media/press briefing room and available for commercial use for meetings and press briefings.


  • Reception

The facility has a reception with a seventy two (72) seater visitors waiting area.


  • Clinic

The complex has a well-equipped primary care health facility which offers medical services to judges, staff and court users.


  • Courts

Land Court Registry

Land Court 1

Land Court 2

Land Court 3

Land Court 4

Land Court 5.


  • Cafeteria

Public Cafeteria




  • Legalities

This is a convenience shop where lawyers bibs, wig, law reports and other legal materials are sold.

  • Commissioner for oaths

There are currently two (2) commissioners administering oath on the premises.


  • Courts

Human Rights/ Labour/ Financial/Divorce &Matrimonial Courts Registry

Land Court 6

Land Court 7

Land Court 8

Land Court 9

Land Court 10

Land Court 11

Probate Court 1 & 3

Divorce & Matrimonial Court 1.


  • Cafeteria

Staff Cafeteria




  • Children’s Holding Room

This is a waiting area for children appearing before the court in both civil and criminal matters and their relatives.


  • Complaint Unit

The unit receives complaints from the public with regard to the operations of the court.


  • Conference Room

A thirty (30) seater conference room located on this floor is available for commercial use to the public for meetings and other corporate events.


  • Judicial Training Institute

The Judicial Training Institute (JTI) has a seventy two seater training room available for commercial use and a twenty (20) seater computer Laboratory used for the training of judges and staff.


  • Courts

Financial Court 1

Financial Court 2

Divorce & Matrimonial Court 2

Human Rights Court 1

Human Rights Court 2

Criminal Court 1

Labour Court 1

Labour Court 2.


  • Cafeteria

Senior Staff Cafeteria.




  • Courts

General Jurisdiction Registry

General Jurisdiction 1

General Jurisdiction 2

General Jurisdiction 3

General Jurisdiction 4

Divorce & Matrimonial Court 3

Criminal Court 2

Criminal Court 3

Probate Court 2.


  • Cafeteria

Lawyers Cafeteria.




  • Library

The complex has a Library which is currently operational with one hundred and twelve (112) seating capacity. It has as an additional facility, an e-library room installed with soft copies of statute law, law reports and judgements emanating from the High Court.


  • ADR Secretariat

The Secretariat has two (2) ADR meeting rooms for informal resolution of disputes.


  • Courts

General Jurisdiction 5

General Jurisdiction 6

Commercial Court 1

Commercial Court 2

Commercial Court 3

Commercial Court 4

Criminal Court 4


  • Cafeteria

Judges' Cafeteria.




  • Auditorium

The facility has a three hundred (300) seater Auditorium available for commercial use for meetings, seminars, book launch and other corporate events.


  • Video Conference Room

The Law Court Complex has a video conference room to facilitate video transmission of trials, video conferencing and to deliver judgments. This facility is also available for commercial use.


  • Courts

Commercial Court Registry

Commercial Court 5

Commercial Court 6

Commercial Court 7

Commercial Court 8

Commercial Court 9

Commercial Court10

Land Court 12


  • Lawyer/Client meeting room

The Complex has four (4) lawyer/client meeting rooms, one on each floor for the use of legal practitioners.


  • Witness waiting rooms

There are four (4) witness waiting rooms serving as holding rooms for witnesses waiting to testify in cases before the court.



P.O. Box GP 119, Accra

Tel: (+233) 0302-663951, 663954, 666671


Tel: (+233) 0302-748100, 748101, 748102


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